How to create new Firebird database in Flamerobin

Wondering, how to create a brand new Firebird SQL database? We made a quick tutorial for Flamerobin, where to create new DB.

How to manage Firebird database alias Flamerobin tutorial

Looking for a Firebird server management tool? Want to change SYSDBA password? Need to add some users to your FDBs? Watch our video tutorial for Flamerobin, open-source multiplatform Firebird management software.

How to change Firebird SYSDBA password

Are you wondering, how to change SYSDBA password from default value "masterkey" to your value? There are several ways, how to do so, but in this video guide, we will show you the easiest one. Using GSEC command line tool.

How to install Firebird server on Windows

One of the great open source database servers is for sure Firebird Server. Firebird is open source multiplatform SQL relation database server, which runs on Windows, Linux and Mac as well.

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